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Professional Foundation Repair Services in Indiana

If you're a homeowner in Indiana and you're worried about foundation repair, look no further than Hitman Solutions. Our team of professionals is reliable and ready to help you out. We understand how important it is to take care of foundation issues promptly. That's why we work efficiently to make sure your home is structurally sound.

We are proud to have the best foundation repair experts in the industry, who can deliver high-quality results that will last for years to come. Don't let foundation problems affect the value of your home. Get in touch with our team at Hitman Solutions today to schedule a consultation for professional foundation repair services.

Early Warning Signs of Foundation Problems

If you live in Indiana, it is important to be vigilant about the health of your home's foundation. Look out for early warning signs of foundation problems.

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Cracks in Floors or Walls

Cracks can be a sign of foundation movement or settlement. While not all cracks are a cause for concern, those that are widening or growing could indicate a serious issue.

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Sticking Doors and Windows

If your doors or windows are sticking or not closing properly, it might be due to a shifting foundation.

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Musty Odor

Pesky, recurring odors can often be an early sign of dampness and deeper foundation problems.

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Higher Electricity and Water Bills

An increase in these bills can sometimes indicate foundation issues leading to energy inefficiency or water leakage.

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Sloping Floors

Floors that are uneven or sloping can be a sign of foundation sinking or settling.

Causes of Foundation Settling

  • Soil Type: The type of soil on which your home is built can significantly influence foundation settling. Certain soils, like clay and silt, expand when wet and contract when dry, leading to movement in the foundation. Sandy soils, on the other hand, are prone to shifting and compacting under weight.
  • Poor Water Management: When water accumulates around the foundation due to inadequate drainage or improper grading, the soil around the foundation can become overly saturated. This leads to soil expansion, creating increased pressure against the foundation walls.
  • Poor Soil Compaction: If the soil was not properly compacted when your home was built, it may compress over time under the weight of the structure, causing the foundation to settle.
  • Changes in Moisture Level: Changes in the moisture content of the soil can cause it to expand or contract, leading to movement in the foundation. This can occur due to weather changes, poor drainage, or poor water management.
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Our Foundation Repair Process

Ensuring a solid foundation is crucial to the safety and structural integrity of your home. At Hitman Solutions, we pride ourselves on our thorough foundation repair process.

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Our experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your home's foundation, using advanced tools and techniques to identify the specific source of the problem. We believe in transparency and will keep you informed throughout this process, explaining any issues we find and answering all your questions.

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Once we've identified the issue, we'll develop a course of action tailored to your home's specific needs. We consider a variety of factors, including the type and extent of damage, the condition of the soil, and the overall structure of your home. We will provide a recap of the project via video in addition to written recommendations.

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After we've agreed on a plan, our team of experienced technicians will get to work. We'll perform the scope of work in a timely manner, adhering to the highest industry standards for quality and safety. Our goal is to complete the job with minimal disruption to your daily life, leaving your home cleaner and safer than when we arrived.

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At Hitman Solutions, we believe knowledge is key to maintaining a healthy home. That's why after we've completed the repair work, we'll provide you with maintenance tips for keeping your foundation strong and your indoor air quality high. This includes advice on preventing future foundation problems and improving your home's overall health and comfort.

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Contact Us Today for A Free Foundation Inspection

If you reside in Indiana and are worried about the condition of your home's foundation, don't worry. Hitman Solutions is here to help you. Our team of experts is highly experienced and knowledgeable enough to conduct a comprehensive inspection of your foundation and determine the necessary repairs or maintenance.

Why wait until a small crack becomes a significant issue? Get in touch with us today and schedule your free foundation inspection. With Hitman Solutions, you can relax with the assurance that your home's foundation is in the best possible hands.